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I give Barker Behavior, Inc. permission to share details of our session with my veterinarian to enhance my dog’s behavioral health.
I understand Barker Behavior, Inc. does not give refunds.  If I choose not to use all of my sessions, I understand they will be forfeited. Barker Behavior, Inc. does offer one-timer sessions to prevent wasting any unused sessions from a package.
Barker Behavior, Inc. will endeavor to create as safe an environment as possible for the training care of my dog and will offer only sound, safe, and responsible training, care, and post-session training instructions. However, I recognize that Barker Behavior, Inc. is not responsible for any unintentional errors, omissions, or incorrect assertions. I understand that the recommendation of any other product or service is not a guarantee of my satisfaction with that product or service. Further, I am and will remain responsible for the actions of my dog at all times and I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Barker Behavior, Inc. of any and all claims of injury, expense, costs, or damages caused by the actions of my dog while under Barker Behavior, Inc. care and under my own care as a result of following training instructions. I have been told by Barker Behavior, Inc. and understand the inherent risks in owning a dog, including but not limited to the risk of dog bites to myself or others.
I understand Barker Behavior, Inc. may use photos of my dog on their own and their sister company’s (Bark Pouch) marketing materials and social media pages. NEVER will any private information be shared.
***Our trainers use a credit card processor on their phones, please kindly give us a 48-hour notice if you need to reschedule your session to avoid our $50 cancellation fee.  Thanks so much!***