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House Manners DogAre you tired of your dog jumping on every guest who enters your home? Do you avoid having people over for dinner because your dog bothers your family at mealtimes? Brandi will give you a few easy exercises to curb meal time begging; prevent jumping at the door and enhance your relationship so your dog responds to commands in real-life situations. It is important you practice these exercises in set-up situations for a brief period of time so your dog learns the new rules in the house.

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Does your dog pull you down the street? Do you avoid walks because your dog has no leash manners? Leash walking can be troublesome to train because it requires human consistency and does not come naturally to dogs. Mastering the mechanics is difficult, add endless outside distractions and leash walking becomes downright overwhelming!

In this video, you will see practical exercises to get your dog moving nicely on leash and will show you an
easy “leave it” technique so he or she stops picking up nasty items on the street. Instruction also includes outside exercises and leash walking specific to small dogs.

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Does your dog growl when you approach his or her food, toys, bones or dog bed? In this video, Brandi will show you
beginning exercises to teach your dog he or she no longer needs to perceive you as a threat to any resource. Demonstrations include: “wait” for all resources;”drop” and “leave it” with toys and bones and “touch” for ease of moving your dog around an object.

Resource guarding is a very serious behavioral issue; please follow the exercises in this video very closely and with progressing
difficulty to prevent injury or worsening your dog’s behavior. It is important to restrict access to items that cause growling during this
process to ensure safety. Please also contact a local trainer so you continue to progress and instill kind leadership to your dog. Visit or to find a trainer in your area. For further information, Mine! A Practical Guide to Resource Guarding by Jean Donaldson, is a remarkable book on the topic.

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dog with separation anxietyDoes your dog bark while you are at work? Destroy your home when you go out to dinner? Urinate or defecate only when you are not home? Separation anxiety is a very serious behavioral issue causing the dog extreme emotional stress when left alone.

Brandi will demonstrate new ways to interact with your dog to build confidence; give you exercises to reduce home alone anxiety and show you techniques to lessen the stress while you work through departure exercises. Methods are designed for dogs who have mild separation anxiety. Exercises can help dogs with severe separation anxiety but it is recommended to compliment this
video with one on one training with a local trainer and your veterinarian. Please visit: or for a
trainer near you. For additional information, I’ll be Home Soon: How to Prevent and Treat Separation Anxiety by Patricia B. McConnell Ph.D. is a wonderful book on the subject.

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Unless otherwise indicated, all photos courtesy of Rhonda Holcomb

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