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Our e-books help supplement private training or get you started before you are able to schedule a session.

Puppy I Live too far from a puppy class or just can’t commit to the schedule?  We always recommend a class for puppies to ensure proper socialization but sometimes that’s just not possible so purchase this e-book to get your puppy started on basic commands like: sit, down, targeting, wait, leash walking, coming when called, leave and drop.  Includes socialization chart and tips for nipping, chewing, housebreaking, crate training and other vital puppy skills. Perfect for new guardians to start before a puppy class!

Puppy II Taken a puppy class and want to keep training after graduation? This adolescent training program takes your puppy training to the next level during troublesome teenage years.  Work on more advanced coming when called by introducing appropriate distractions, build reliability on stay, improve leash walking, teach eye contact and place work.  Includes tricks to beat boredom and frustration. Ideal for puppies 5-10 months of age who completed a puppy class.

Adult I Want to start teaching basics commands on your own so private training will be more effective? This e-book teaches you how to get your dog’s attention with touch and watch commands; details sit, down and stand and how to phase out lures;  gives you skills to begin leash walking and recall work and includes variations to hone your dog’s ability to stay.  Best suited for the dog’s 9 months and older, also great for folks who have taken a class but did need a refresher on the basics to assure accuracy and consistency.

Outward Hound If you have worked through at least two of our e-books or taken a class and want to hone foundation skills in the great outdoors, this is for you! Dogs must have solid sit, down, stay and a foundation in leash walking and come to be capable of succeeding with this e-book,  we detail how to take your inside training to the great outdoors.  Best suited for dogs one year and older.

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