Coaching Series

What is it?

We coach you to train your dog and give you behavioral tip sheets so you can reinforce exercises covered in your session(s). For your convenience, you can purchase discount packages for multiple visits. Or you may simply pay for needed visits one at a time.

Read on for details about our sessions and popular packages (10 or 20 visits packages also available, ask us about pricing).  If you are unsure, your trainer can help you decide during your first meeting.

One Timer

Not every issue can be resolved in one session but for some concerns, one hour may just do the trick.  If you struggle with mild separation anxiety, housebreaking, jumping, barking or taking leash walking to the next level (dog has basic skills from a class but needs practice outside), this is for you.

$105 per hour

Rover Refresher

Is your generally well behaved but could use some fine-tuning in a couple areas? New dog but classes aren’t appropriate due to schedule or behavior issues? Our Rover Refresher package is the perfect fit! It includes 3 one-hour sessions and great for general obedience skills like: leash walking, stay work, coming when called, leave and drop commands and sit/down reliability; planning for a new baby; mild leash reactivity; resource guarding and severe separation anxiety.

$300 for three sessions

Doggie Deluxe

This package is best suited for severe aggression (people and dog); fearful behaviors and if your dog is exhibiting three or more issues listed above.  In 5 one-hour sessions, we surpass management and build reliability of commands in multiple situations.

$475 for five sessions

Puppy Head Start

We strongly encourage puppy classes (see our referral page) for critical socialization but sometimes puppies can be overwhelming and you need help before class starts! In two 90 minute sessions or three 60 minute sessions, we get you started on on housebreaking, crate training, nipping, handling, problem prevention and basic commands.  For puppies six months of age and younger only and not applicable for more than one dog.

$285 for three hours

We also offer phone and video consultations; please contact us for pricing.

*If you want to train outside, please keep your eye on the weather a few days before your session and give us a 24-hour notice if you need to reschedule to avoid a cancellation charge.

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