New Dog? Four Key Behaviors

Adopted dog "Homer" doing what he loves most, napping.

Ah, winter has FINALLY released it’s wretched grip from Chicago. And, what does that mean? Puppies, new rescue dogs, oh my! What the heck do you do with that four-legged darling who stares, follows you around and gets into things now that he or she is home? Below you will find our top four behaviors to …Read More

Rescuing a Dog


We very strongly support rescuing a dog and think the world of the people who spend their time, open their homes and see things that people do to animals that might cause many of us to become cynical. We are so grateful that we spend our days with people who love their dogs and are …Read More

Training Your Dog to Lay “Down”

Train your puppy or dog to lay "down" when asked

We usually like to start with a nice “sit” before attempting “down” so make sure your pup or dog can “sit” for at least a couple of seconds.  No need to add a “stay”, you just want to reinforce for keeping his or her tushy on the ground. The first couple attempts, do not say …Read More

New Puppy? Get Started!


Puppies are little balls of love and sharp teeth! Make peace with the crate, get good chew toys and set your alarm to go their pad or outside every hour or two.  You will reap the benefits for years to come. Potty Training is the easiest concept in the world to understand, take your dog …Read More

Guiding Grace

Prevent resource guarding by doing take it and drop everyday for rewards

Oh puppies…they are so cute and fuzzy, you just want to eat them up.  Then, you go in for a belly rub and expect a little nuzzle or maybe even a kiss but the hethen grabs your pant legs with their shark teeth and when you try to pry him or her off; starts gnawing …Read More

Recipes for Stuffing Chew Toys

Recipes for filling your dog's toys or bones

Has peanut butter been met with less enthusiasm than it used to? Even if your dog has yet not turned up his snout to the standard Kong filling, a little change here and there and can go a long way when filling a Kong or other treat dispensing chew toy. Consider yourself lucky if your dog goes nuts …Read More

Selecting the Right Chew Toys

In his "frog legs" pose.

The Kong product line is popular for its durability and versatility. It is often my first choice to redirect innate chewing behaviors because it is virtually indestructible by most dogs. However, like any dog toy, there are exceptionally strong chewers who can annihilate even the Extreme Black Kong (considered the strongest).  If your dog has destroyed every toy you …Read More

Chew Toys


Prevent ankle nipping and kitchen table destruction by giving your dog appropriate toys to chew. Every dog is different, but Kongs filled with dog food and topped with cheese or peanut butter are often favorites. Kongs are among the few toys you can safely leave alone with your dog. Until you know your dog better, …Read More

House Breaking

House Breaking

The key to start a good potty training program is consistency and prevention.  Some dogs take more time to catch on where is the appropriate place to than others but putting your dog or potty on a set schedule that you adhere to will pay off and make the process much faster. Yes, it is …Read More

Before You Get Your Puppy

Before you get new puppy

Which Breed is Best? With the growing number of hybrid dogs, it’s tough to choose. It’s vital you consider the dog’s activity level, grooming requirements, size, personality, training ease and sociability. Cuteness counts too, but should be the last component on your checklist. The following are some resources to help you choose, these are simply …Read More