Three Ways Your Dog is NOT Trying to Dominate You

I hear it everyday from highly intelligent, extremely caring and intuitive folks; “my dog is trying to dominate me because he or she is (INSERT NAUGHTY BEHAVIOR)”.  It is an easy inference to make. Some professional trainers subscribe to a manhandle and choke dogs philosophy in order to get our furry friends to comply with cues. If you hire and trust …Read More

To Freeze, Or Not To Freeze

Kramer and Kong

The Kong, that is. What did dog lovers do before the invention of the Kong? It’s a staple in most canine homes. And, when it is not; the instant I etch the bubbly-shaped chew toy, clients’ eyes light up and they nod, despite my horrific drawing skills. A question that folks often ask is, should I freeze …Read More

Attention is Key

Loki the Lab carrying a stick

How many times have you stood next to your dog babbling his name only to see him look blankly around at anything BUT you? It is super easy to forget that dogs do not magically know their name because we decide it is so. And, if we are attempting to gain and keep attention on …Read More

New Dog? Four Key Behaviors

Adopted dog "Homer" doing what he loves most, napping.

Ah, winter has FINALLY released it’s wretched grip from Chicago. And, what does that mean? Puppies, new rescue dogs, oh my! What the heck do you do with that four-legged darling who stares, follows you around and gets into things now that he or she is home? Below you will find our top four behaviors to …Read More

Exuberant Door Greetings


Buzz! Stomp, stomp, stomp. Knock, knock. Door opens and OH MY GOODNESS, someone’s here! Someone is here! Someone IS HERE! Does that sound familiar? Well, that’s the scene in my house; no matter who it is, friends, food delivery or the plumber. And, I admit, I absolutely adore the wiggle, wiggle, wiggle that comes from …Read More

The Beauty of Eye Contact

Gavin, the Pit Bull, happily making eye contact

When I teach clients to encourage their dogs to make eye contact, the first question is always “what word do I use?” As a human who absolutely loves to hear her own voice, I get it. But, unless your dog has been using non-existent opposable thumbs and perusing the internet for tips on how to …Read More

Follow, Follow, Follow!

Bailey loves the "follow" game, it teaches his puppy sister not to bulldoze him every second.

Teaching your dog to follow you on cue will have an awesome impact on your relationship and can keep leash walking skills sharp when the weather is just not conducive to being outside for long walks. This is an intermediate skill so it is uber important, especially around distractions, that your pup already have a …Read More

Perfect Dog in Five Minutes

Dog sitting in kitchen nook, watching the other dog in the house being trained.

Raise your hand if you are perfect. Wait, don’t see any palms in the air. If we are not perfect, how can we expect our dogs to be perfect? And, sadly, sometimes we see dogs who are expected to be foolproof performers but never get a chance to practice behaviors unless they are stressed, distracted …Read More

Come When Called

Help! My dog won't come when I call him

We know it, every time you call your dog to “come”; you get a blank look or worse…your dog runs away. What can easily happen when a puppy or adopted dog enters into your home is you say “come” willy nilly for many different reasons but never to intentionally to teach your that the word …Read More

The Awesomeness of “Touch”

Old English Bulldog "Clark" prepping for "touch"

We’ll admit, when we first learned “touch”, the importance was baffling. Why would we want our dog to touch their nose to our hand? However, now, it is by far one of our favorite cues to teach a dog. Not only does it reinforce a nice, gentle mouth but it’s great to move a dog …Read More