The Art of Recovery

For many urban dog guardians struggling with serious behavioral issues, there is a moment. An EVENTUAL pause. No matter how capricious the reaction. The pup stops trembling, fleeing, freezing, lunging, barking, growling or any other lamentable behavior that provokes judgmental looks from other pedestrians; or worse, harm and acute affliction to both sides of leash and any …Read More

Under Pressure

There we were, making our way up the back staircase to my condo; Finn stopped and started to pace. I cheered him on and motioned a “go on up” hand gesture as he looked at me, then fluttered his grey eyebrows while he glanced towards the next landing; eager, yet tentative. My Lug halted a second …Read More

Are You Petting Your Dog the Wrong Way?

We love our dogs and they adore us. With so much fondness, joy and friendship; how can it be possible that our darling dogs may not want our affection? Read on to find out some common mistakes that we make when we pet our pups; and, how you can better use physical touch to improve …Read More

Escape as a Reward

Before Lil’ Big Head stole my heart; he was found tied to a stake outside and shot with a BB gun. So, I can only guess that his trembling and flattening onto the sidewalk like a buttery pancake the first few months he lived with me were due to a pretty wretched past. I worked REALLY …Read More


Any human being who has ever experienced panic attacks or an acute anxiety episode knows that symptoms like: trembling, inability to concentrate, accelerated heartbeat, labored breathing, sweating, consuming restlessness, involuntary paralyzation and/or an intense need to flee, are serious. And, when one is in that extremely debilitating state of mind, it is unlikely you will …Read More

Grey Eyebrows and a Puppy Belly

It is no secret, we have a soft spot for senior dogs. And, puppies. Well, and any dog in between. Anyone who has ever been blessed to share their life with a senior dog knows there is a language, a secret code, that you develop with each other over the years. A vernacular that no …Read More

Kiddos & Dogs

What could be more gratifying than watching your children frolicking in the back yard with your puppy or rescue dog? The uninhibited joy of playing, romping and chasing with no agenda other than having fun; responsibility and commitment-free. We firmly believe no one expands their human household nor brings home a new dog with the …Read More

Machine Mindset

Words like “fix”, “stop”, “guaranteed” and “instantly” can be synonymous with dog behavior and training. But, as trainers who have studied and carefully watch our canine counterparts’ behavior; we often cringe when we see those words. Dogs are unbelievably intelligent, highly individual in their motivation and thresholds for stress or distraction; and also deeply emotional. And, …Read More

Over It Syndrome

Have you ever had one of those days where you spill coffee on yourself as you race out the door, then, JUST as you notice the giant dent on your rear bumper that was not there last evening when you parked; you feel a SQUISH under your favorite pair of boots that you know has to be dog poop? …Read More

The Controversial Muzzle

“Hannibal Lector”, “Cujo” or my least favorite, “how dare you have that vicious beast out of the house?” while glaring at the person holding the leash. I have heard all those mutterings, and more, when working outside with a client and their muzzled dog. Muzzles prevent bites, it is that simple. If your dog has bitten another …Read More