Exuberant Door Greetings


Buzz! Stomp, stomp, stomp. Knock, knock. Door opens and OH MY GOODNESS, someone’s here! Someone is here! Someone IS HERE! Does that sound familiar? Well, that’s the scene in my house; no matter who it is, friends, food delivery or the plumber. And, I admit, I absolutely adore the wiggle, wiggle, wiggle that comes from …Read More

Prioritize to Succeed

Giant Schnauzer "Molly" smiling on her bed

This week, I was in a session with a lovely couple and their adorable puppy who’s wiggle-jiggle, butt-smacking wag matches her endearing personality. The husband asked me to review the chew toy exercise I showed them during our last appointment because they had not done much work with it. Gasp! Actually…I didn’t gasp because mom …Read More

The Beauty of Eye Contact

Gavin, the Pit Bull, happily making eye contact

When I teach clients to encourage their dogs to make eye contact, the first question is always “what word do I use?” As a human who absolutely loves to hear her own voice, I get it. But, unless your dog has been using non-existent opposable thumbs and perusing the internet for tips on how to …Read More

Follow, Follow, Follow!

Bailey loves the "follow" game, it teaches his puppy sister not to bulldoze him every second.

Teaching your dog to follow you on cue will have an awesome impact on your relationship and can keep leash walking skills sharp when the weather is just not conducive to being outside for long walks. This is an intermediate skill so it is uber important, especially around distractions, that your pup already have a …Read More

Cold Weather Gear


We have found over the years that having the right gear for walks in chilly, snowy, icy weather; makes all the difference! We prefer to support local businesses like Wigglyville for the above dog gear. But, we have been blessed that our audience has grown to dog lovers around the world so we have included items you can …Read More

Best chew toys for dogs

Chance, terrier mix, chewing on a Kong Goodie bone.

Does your dog have an incessant need to chew? Or do you have a new puppy you would like to teach good habits to before he destroys your couch? Maybe, you just want to spoil your grand dog.  We prefer to support local businesses like Wigglyville. But, we have been blessed that our audience has grown to …Read More

Gift ideas for dog lovers

Gavin Squeak

Have a friend with a new dog or just looking for some tried and true items to spoil your furry best friend? We prefer to support local businesses like Wigglyville. But, we have been blessed that our audience has grown to dog lovers around the world so we have included items you can purchase online. Support …Read More

Dread in the City


One of the saddest behaviors we encounter is an extremely fearful dog living in the heart of Chicago. Sure, many dogs absolutely love their walks. But, a dog who has innate, negative physical responses to cars, buses, the El, other dogs and people coming at them; the patience needed to help these dogs learn that …Read More

Rescuing a Dog


We very strongly support rescuing a dog and think the world of the people who spend their time, open their homes and see things that people do to animals that might cause many of us to become cynical. We are so grateful that we spend our days with people who love their dogs and are …Read More

Perfect Dog in Five Minutes

Dog sitting in kitchen nook, watching the other dog in the house being trained.

Raise your hand if you are perfect. Wait, don’t see any palms in the air. If we are not perfect, how can we expect our dogs to be perfect? And, sadly, sometimes we see dogs who are expected to be foolproof performers but never get a chance to practice behaviors unless they are stressed, distracted …Read More