Before You Get Your Puppy

Before you get new puppy

Which Breed is Best? With the growing number of hybrid dogs, it’s tough to choose. It’s vital you consider the dog’s activity level, grooming requirements, size, personality, training ease and sociability.

Cuteness counts too, but should be the last component on your checklist. The following are some resources to help you choose, these are simply guides. Every dog is unique, general breed traits can help but should not be the sole decision maker: AKC Breeds List Discovery Channel Dog Selector Also watch the dog’s assertiveness, responsiveness, confidence/shyness and independence.

The following are some easy exercises to help you determine your dog’s personality: Paw Rescue Temperament Tips Breeder Vs. Shelter Many shelters have puppies and pure-bred dogs. Rescuing a shelter pup might be a good option. Shelters often conduct temperament tests on their adopted dogs so you enter the relationship with a good idea of the pup’s characteristics. Shelter Resources:

If have decided on a breed that you are unable to find through any of the above shelters or purebred rescue groups, breeders are another option. A reputable breeder will have healthy, happy puppies in a clean home environment and allow you to visit the puppy prior to taking him home. A good breeder will also require references and commitments from you. No matter how cute the puppies in pet stores are, please remember that purchasing a pooch may support inhumane puppy mills. Get the Facts on Puppy Mills

Puppy Proofing

A new puppy is a great way to learn tidiness. Similar to child proofing, you’ll want to crawl around your home to see what kinds of things your new pup can possibly get into. Electric cords should be secured (some pups like these so putting dish soap on them can help), shoes picked up, open food off the counters, children’s toys put away, cabinets with toxic chemicals latched tightly, garbage cans either in a closet or secured with lids. You will want to think about what you expect from your puppy and start a puppy training program as soon as your bring home your new furry friend.

Things you need to buy before you get your puppy:

  • 6-foot leash (non-retractable)
  • Buckle collar
  • Poo bag holder
  • Tags with your name and phone number on them
  • Crate Toys (Various shapes of Kongs and natural chews are good to help with chewing)
  • Squeaky toys are fine but make sure they are supervised when playing with to assure they don’t destroy
  • Dog bed or blanket
  • Dog food