Help for Your Bouncy Dog!

We know the type, bouncing in mid-air while guests are trying to take off their coats or throttling themselves at every person you pass on the street, it is so embarassing!  The best way to teach a dog to “sit” when people approach is to practice with A LOT of people, in a multitude of …Read More

Training Your Dog to Lay “Down”

We usually like to start with a nice “sit” before attempting “down” so make sure your pup or dog can “sit” for at least a couple of seconds.  No need to add a “stay”, you just want to reinforce for keeping his or her tushy on the ground. The first couple attempts, do not say …Read More

Teaching Calm and Leash Walking

Leash walking is one of my favorite things to teach because it allows dogs to get out and enjoy some much needed exercise and if trained properly, can be very relaxing for all involved.  For those of you who have never had a dog walk on a LOOSE leash, it is a pretty phenomenal feeling. …Read More

New Puppy? Get Started!

Puppies are little balls of love and sharp teeth! Make peace with the crate, get good chew toys and set your alarm to go their pad or outside every hour or two.  You will reap the benefits for years to come. Potty Training is the easiest concept in the world to understand, take your dog …Read More

The Basics of Having a Good Dog

Did you know that every minute you interact with your dog, he or she is learning what is acceptable or not?  Too often, folks want to react after a dog has been naughty but miss SO many opportunities when their dog is being good.  Here’s a few things to get you started or a good …Read More

Stay: The Right Way

It is very important not to rush this as it will only frustrate you and teach your dog the definition of “stay” is getting up.  Get your dog into a sit. Mark with a “yes” and then give quick flashes of the flat palm (stay hand signal) while simultaneously saying the word “stay”. Count to …Read More

Stumbling Into Resilience

I started this article in Spring 2012 as the third in our Lessons Learned Series.  Finn’s health declined and his well-being quickly became my only priority when I was not with clients and their dogs.  At the time, I admired my amazing dog for his strength and his lighthearted ways, despite having endured ample hard …Read More

Good Things Happen

One of the trickiest canine behaviors to live with and understand is Resource Guarding.  Why is it so difficult? It is very common for guarding dogs to be lovely, sweet, fun creatures 98% of the time.  Then BAM! You forget that your dog gets snarky over sticks until you have to pry one out of …Read More

Guiding Grace

Oh puppies…they are so cute and fuzzy, you just want to eat them up.  Then, you go in for a belly rub and expect a little nuzzle or maybe even a kiss but the hethen grabs your pant legs with their shark teeth and when you try to pry him or her off; starts gnawing …Read More

Wrong Choices

Does your dog constantly whine while you eat dinner?  Is your puppy a jumping maniac when guests walk in the door despite you saying “sit”?  Are you prying your dog’s jaws open to see remnants of Wrigleyville vomit even after you said “leave it”?  It is frustrating, isn’t it? Your dog’s job is to politely …Read More