After 11 years of living together and being completely unmoved by loud noises of any sort; my dear Finn started showing signs of anxiousness during storms. The first incident really took me by surprise and was very mild.  He danced around a bit and followed me from room to room (which is not common).  Once …Read More

Creating Boundaries

Roxy Roth

It’s happened to all of us: we meet a new friend and we like them so much we tell them to call us anytime.  When they do, we get flustered because we’re busy and have other things going on in our life. I see this all the time, people getting annoyed at one another for doing exactly …Read More

Know Your Dog, Respect Others


  I received a disturbing email from a client about her dog being attacked by another dog.  I am always heartbroken when clients share this kind of news.  What makes the story even sadder and shocking was that her dog was attacked twice by the same dog.  Yes, twice by the same dog.  Even worse, …Read More

How to Motivate Your Dog


Some dogs happily accept every toy their human brings home and will eat any treat with wild abandon; other dogs need a little more prodding to determine what makes them happy.  Watch your dog’s face when trying to decide if what you are offering is really a reward to your dog. If you see your …Read More

Home Independence


Have you been thinking about giving your dog more independence while you are at work? It is critical to make this leap with slow and deliberate steps to prevent injury, housetraining issues and major destruction. Many people learn the hard way that crating a dog while at work one day then giving full reign of the …Read More

How to Stop Five Common Problems

Stop Problems

Chewing It can be costly and very troublesome when a dog chews inappropriate items. Prevent unwanted chewing behavior by keeping forbidden items away from your dog. This can be done by storing tempting items in a closet or confining your dog in a space where no chewing has occurred. Introduce appropriate chew toys. Make sure …Read More

Five New Tricks


Tricks are a fun way to revive your training program and enhance your relationship with your dog. When introducing a new trick, it is amazing how we humans lighten our mood and body language. Tricks are a great way to recharge your dog’s brain and body. Play dead To start this trick, you want to …Read More



In many homes, a common response to a dog’s bark is screaming, “no, stop, quiet, no, no“. Indulge me for a moment and say those words out loud. It sounds like barking, doesn’t it? It sure sounds that way to your dog as well; which can make the behavior worse. Even negative attention can reinforce …Read More



While we’re not professional groomers, here are a few tips to keep your pup’s teeth, fur and nails in tip top shape. Coat: Bathing should occur once a month, if you pup is bathed too frequently it will dry out his coat. If bathing at home, make sure you rinse all the soap off his …Read More

Doggie Simple Pleasures


Take a moment and just think about instinctive dog behavior. Dogs naturally like to sniff, mark, scavenge, hunt, chase, dig and the list goes on. Now, think about the last time your dog did any of these innate activities. Never? Once last year? I recognize life is hectic and I too have to carve out …Read More