The Cuteness Curse

Ask before petting a dog

Look at this face.  You want to pet him, don’t you? Have you ever wondered if he wanted you to pet him?  Just because a dog is cute and looks good to you does not mean he or she loves to be touched; especially by strangers. I am not suggesting that you get on hands …Read More

Recipes for Stuffing Chew Toys

Recipes for filling your dog's toys or bones

Has peanut butter been met with less enthusiasm than it used to? Even if your dog has yet not turned up his snout to the standard Kong filling, a little change here and there and can go a long way when filling a Kong or other treat dispensing chew toy. Consider yourself lucky if your dog goes nuts …Read More

Leash Training for People

Jack Leash Walking

In the dog world, it’s important to practice new behaviors without distractions and slowly introduce new noises, smells and sights. That all makes perfect senses in theory. But, how do you train your dog to walk on a leash inside when you really need a loose leash outside? It is all about foundation and setting …Read More

Dinner Guests AND a Good Dog

Successful dog training for holidays

Oh, the joys of celebrating and amazing food with your family and friends. Entertaining guests is exciting. But, can be stressful, even without a bouncy dog to think about. If you plan to include your dog in dinnertime festivities, here are a few tidbits to make the event enjoyable for you and him. 1. Give …Read More

The Couch Debate


I often see sheepish looks and lowered eyes when I ask the question “is your dog allowed on the couch?” I would like to set the record straight that allowing shared couch time for most dogs does not mean your dog will assume ruler of your home.  However, if your dog has ever growled or tensed as you …Read More

How to Calm an Aggressive Dog


If you have ever been surprised by a sudden display of aggression, the following can help you safely diffuse the situation and prevent it from happening in the future.  Once you do so, immediately call a qualified training and behavioral professional to help you determine the cause and also give you techniques to teach the dog new ways to cope with aggressive triggers. Be calm. If …Read More

Selecting the Right Chew Toys

In his "frog legs" pose.

The Kong product line is popular for its durability and versatility. It is often my first choice to redirect innate chewing behaviors because it is virtually indestructible by most dogs. However, like any dog toy, there are exceptionally strong chewers who can annihilate even the Extreme Black Kong (considered the strongest).  If your dog has destroyed every toy you …Read More



After 11 years of living together and being completely unmoved by loud noises of any sort; my dear Finn started showing signs of anxiousness during storms. The first incident really took me by surprise and was very mild.  He danced around a bit and followed me from room to room (which is not common).  Once …Read More

Creating Boundaries

Roxy Roth

It’s happened to all of us: we meet a new friend and we like them so much we tell them to call us anytime.  When they do, we get flustered because we’re busy and have other things going on in our life. I see this all the time, people getting annoyed at one another for doing exactly …Read More

Know Your Dog, Respect Others


  I received a disturbing email from a client about her dog being attacked by another dog.  I am always heartbroken when clients share this kind of news.  What makes the story even sadder and shocking was that her dog was attacked twice by the same dog.  Yes, twice by the same dog.  Even worse, …Read More