People Don’t Suck

I jumped on Facebook for my usual three minute cruise. I liked one of my best friend’s newborn photos and was feeling grateful that I was privately informed of her child entering the world before it was announced on social media. Then, I stumbled upon an article about people taking selfies with a baby shark who …Read More

Attention is Key

How many times have you stood next to your dog babbling his name only to see him look blankly around at anything BUT you? It is super easy to forget that dogs do not magically know their name because we decide it is so. And, if we are attempting to gain and keep attention on …Read More

You Might Be a Chicago Dog Guardian If…

You use the word “guardian” because your neighbors have corrected you multiple times. Dogs are family, not property. You no longer dare to utter “owner”. More than a few times, you have dragged your sniffling, coughing, achy body out of bed to walk your dog because you live on the third floor, and have no …Read More

Love & Dog Training

Almost fifteen years ago; I fell head over heels, instantly, for an unwanted dog. One look at Finn and I felt my face light up and my heart soar. And, when my Lug tackled me and smothered my cheeks, eyelids and forehead with kisses; I saw a glitter gaze wash over his joyful eyes. Finn …Read More

New Dog? Four Key Behaviors

Ah, winter has FINALLY released it’s wretched grip from Chicago. And, what does that mean? Puppies, new rescue dogs, oh my! What the heck do you do with that four-legged darling who stares, follows you around and gets into things now that he or she is home? Below you will find our top four behaviors to …Read More

Exuberant Door Greetings

Buzz! Stomp, stomp, stomp. Knock, knock. Door opens and OH MY GOODNESS, someone’s here! Someone is here! Someone IS HERE! Does that sound familiar? Well, that’s the scene in my house; no matter who it is, friends, food delivery or the plumber. And, I admit, I absolutely adore the wiggle, wiggle, wiggle that comes from …Read More

Prioritize to Succeed

This week, I was in a session with a lovely couple and their adorable puppy who’s wiggle-jiggle, butt-smacking wag matches her endearing personality. The husband asked me to review the chew toy exercise I showed them during our last appointment because they had not done much work with it. Gasp! Actually…I didn’t gasp because mom …Read More

The Beauty of Eye Contact

When I teach clients to encourage their dogs to make eye contact, the first question is always “what word do I use?” As a human who absolutely loves to hear her own voice, I get it. But, unless your dog has been using non-existent opposable thumbs and perusing the internet for tips on how to …Read More

Follow, Follow, Follow!

Teaching your dog to follow you on cue will have an awesome impact on your relationship and can keep leash walking skills sharp when the weather is just not conducive to being outside for long walks. This is an intermediate skill so it is uber important, especially around distractions, that your pup already have a …Read More

Cold Weather Gear

We have found over the years that having the right gear for walks in chilly, snowy, icy weather; makes all the difference! We prefer to support local businesses like Wigglyville for the above dog gear. But, we have been blessed that our audience has grown to dog lovers around the world so we have included items you can …Read More