Perfect Dog in Five Minutes

Dog sitting in kitchen nook, watching the other dog in the house being trained.

Raise your hand if you are perfect. Wait, don’t see any palms in the air. If we are not perfect, how can we expect our dogs to be perfect? And, sadly, sometimes we see dogs who are expected to be foolproof performers but never get a chance to practice behaviors unless they are stressed, distracted …Read More

Staring is Rude


Wait, hold the phone. We told you eye contact was good but now it’s not? So confusing! Fido looking at his mom with soft eyes, a relaxed face and giant grin; all super awesome. Fifi staring at the cat, frozen stance and a tense mouth; not good at all. There is no need for a …Read More

Come When Called

Help! My dog won't come when I call him

We know it, every time you call your dog to “come”; you get a blank look or worse…your dog runs away. What can easily happen when a puppy or adopted dog enters into your home is you say “come” willy nilly for many different reasons but never to intentionally to teach your that the word …Read More

The Awesomeness of “Touch”

Old English Bulldog "Clark" prepping for "touch"

We’ll admit, when we first learned “touch”, the importance was baffling. Why would we want our dog to touch their nose to our hand? However, now, it is by far one of our favorite cues to teach a dog. Not only does it reinforce a nice, gentle mouth but it’s great to move a dog …Read More

The Power of “Find”


What is “find”?  Well, it’s a super simple and easy behavior; lowering his or her head. Sometimes we see humans scratch theirs when we suggest this but it is much more natural for a dog to drop their head to the floor in the face of a stressful situation than to do a “sit/stay”; staring and …Read More

Your Dog REALLY Knows “Sit”?


“Sit” is one of the first things folks practice when they bring home a new puppy or dog. However, practicing in your living room, treat hovering over your pup’s head does not make for a perfect “sit” when you are chatting with your next door neighbor who keeps petting your jumping dog. Because humans like …Read More

Help for Your Bouncy Dog!

Teaching your puppy or dog to settle down when excited

We know the type, bouncing in mid-air while guests are trying to take off their coats or throttling themselves at every person you pass on the street, it is so embarassing!  The best way to teach a dog to “sit” when people approach is to practice with A LOT of people, in a multitude of …Read More

Training Your Dog to Lay “Down”

Train your puppy or dog to lay "down" when asked

We usually like to start with a nice “sit” before attempting “down” so make sure your pup or dog can “sit” for at least a couple of seconds.  No need to add a “stay”, you just want to reinforce for keeping his or her tushy on the ground. The first couple attempts, do not say …Read More

Teaching Calm and Leash Walking

Leash walking training for dogs who like to bark

Leash walking is one of my favorite things to teach because it allows dogs to get out and enjoy some much needed exercise and if trained properly, can be very relaxing for all involved.  For those of you who have never had a dog walk on a LOOSE leash, it is a pretty phenomenal feeling. …Read More

New Puppy? Get Started!


Puppies are little balls of love and sharp teeth! Make peace with the crate, get good chew toys and set your alarm to go their pad or outside every hour or two.  You will reap the benefits for years to come. Potty Training is the easiest concept in the world to understand, take your dog …Read More